Showers, my cure-all.



A good, hot shower has been my cure-all since before I can remember. When I was five I would bring blankets into the bath with me and stop the tub up. I’d lay under the blanket and listen to the “rain” sound as the droplets beat down upon us. 

Later in life, I had some personal stuff. Typical a-typical modern dysfunctional family upbringing. It gave me a lot of reasons to look for something safe and comfortable. A shower always helped.

In some ways I think it’s akin to going back into the womb. You create a little room, just big enough for you and a bit extra. You fill that room up with heat and water, and that process somehow nourishes you entirely.

I feel like a new person when I walk out of a shower. A better person. All of the guilt and dirt I carry into it with me, I can leave behind. In that way, it’s like church. 

And it’s cheap, you never have to feel guilty about taking too many showers. Or at least, nowhere near as guilty as perhaps what you would have spent on something else to feel that same comfort. 

Anyway… showers. Can’t hype em enough. The image is from Think Geek.

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