Onix’s Skyrim debut

…but that’s just an excuse for me to gush about my awesome dog (hey, the Nords clearly agreed with me!)

I always knew I wanted an Irish Wolfhound. The first time I saw one, it was at a dog park near my home. I was in middle school. I remember seeing the huge, fur covered white mound bound up to it’s master gleefully. At full height, an Irish wolfhound averages from 32 to 32 inches. It looked a lore more like Falkor than any dog I’d ever seen.

Over the next decade I researched the breed tirelessly. It is very old; People say they were brought to Ireland as early as 7000 BC. In Irish, they’re called “Cú Faoil” . They were so successful at hunting wolves and elk on the British mainland that they drove both species to local extinction, and then themselves nearly died out as a consequence. They were so revered, it was a common practice for them to be gifted to kings.


Everyone kept telling me “You’re a small girl, you can’t get a dog that big, it’ll eat you!”


Wolfhounds are one of the gentlest and most loyal breeds of dog.

But yeah, they’re pretty big. My last semester of college, I couldn’t help myself. I googled “wolfhound mix puppy”. I ended up driving down to Asheville and picking him up in a McDonalds parking lot. The car broke down, and it was a 100 degree day. As I sat there on that Mickey Dees lawn, attempting to feed water to a dog that was just separated from his family and abandoned with  me, my first thought was “Oh my god he’s going to hate me, being my dog already sucks!”

And that was the beginning of what I hope to be a loooooooong love affair.


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  1. Afraid you’re wrong about “Cú” being the prefix of warriors in Ireland, it’s just a word for hound or dog.

    There’s one example of that being the case, that of Cú Culainn, one of the most reknowned members of the Fianna, but that literally means “The Hound of Culainn”. As Cú Culainn took the place of Culainn’s hound when he killed it, until a replacement could be raised.

    But still, awesome dog.

    • Nasrin

       /  April 26, 2012

      Really? Thanks for correcting me. Now it’s time for me to do some wiki editing!

  2. Actually ignore the part about him being a member of the fianna, I misremembered it. The rest is true though, as true as Irish Mythology could be considered I suppose.


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